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Meet the tribe which shrine can prevent a ghost from hunting the killer.

There are numerous tribes in Ghana with different cultures and customs. Konkomba tribe is among the list with amazing cultural heritage. It is believed in Konkomba tradition that, ones you kill during war or self defense, you must be fortified under ancestral god known as Jambuna.

Jambuna means, god of purification and defense. One of the secret about this god is that, it does not allow pregnant women to see it's exposure. It is believed that any woman who come in contact with Jambuna may give birth to a vagabond or lunatic.

Most men in Konkomba land who are known to be hunters and warriors have been fortified due to the wild animals and persons they might have kill in war or self defense.

The people of Kikpakpan use to purify Jambuna every three years to keep it's spirit alive and strong. The symbol of the god is represented by wild animal horn and many other sculptures.

Jambuna is believed to walk around the entire town to protect the citizens. Among konkomba crowns, they all have difference in purifying Jambuna communities.

Another unique feature of this god is that, it has concoction that when you bath, you will be free from bad dreams and evil attack.

Jambuna is a god of surprises.

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