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These animals have amazing human-like lips: Take a look at some of the wonders of nature

There are a lot of magnificent looking creatures in nature. Most of these creatures have special features which make them look very attractive and beautiful. More often than not, these special features are adaptive features that generations of these animals have developed to help them survive in their habitats. Some animals like the chameleon have special cells within their skin that enables them to change their colour, depending on the environment within which they find themselves. Snakes like the python have detachable jaws which enables them to swallow prey which are up to five times their size. In this article, we shall take a look at some animals that survive in water which have attractive lips that look like human lips.

The first of these animals we shall consider is the European green toad. The European green toad, scientifically known as Bufotes Viridis is a toad found in steppes, mountainous areas, semi-deserts, urban areas and other habitats in mainland Europe. These toads an mostly be found in countries like Denmark and France. They feed mostly on insects, earthworms and other invertebrates. The stunning feature of these toads are the patches on their back, which vary between dark and brown. Some other species (mostly males) of these toads have brightly coloured lips which they use to attract a mate. Their brightly coloured lips makes them look like they have applied lipstick.

The red-lipped batfish is another amazing animal with attractive red lips. They can be found around the coast of Costa Rica, Peru and some other American countries. Batfishes are not great swimmers so they have modified fins that look like lags which they use for movement.

Finally, the last animal we would consider is the Placidochromis phenochilus. It is one of the most amazing looking fishes in the ocean. It is peculiar for it's lips that have the resemblance of human lips. It can be found in the warm waters of lake Malawi. Phenochilus are wonderful animals that can grow up to 6 inches in length.

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