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Galamsey Is Dangerous: Check Out How These Guys Were Saving Their Friends From A Mining Pit

Small scale mining which is locally called galamsey is very dangerous, however, some look very scary. It is just like standing at the junction between life and death. The guys in your picture recorded themselves saving their colleagues from a scary pit.

Watching the video carefully, you can see some guys standing at the entrance of a galamsey pit. They were waiting for their friends to come to the entrance so they stretched their hands and get them out of it. The hole is very small like that of an animal hole.

If you look at it, you might even think that there is no human being inside, meanwhile, there were two guys inside this pit. It appears those standing at the entrance cannot touch any part surrounding the hole because with any little mistake some of the sand will block the way.

The people coming out of the hole were seen with touch lights on their foreheads. They look extremely scary. The guys standing at the entrance easily saved the first guy who came out. However, they were finding it difficult to save the second guy as the hole seems to be very slippery.

Some people after watching this video said that there is no amount of money you will give to them for them to take such a risk. They will rather die poor than do this kind of job.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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