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Strange Animal you've Never seen.

Pink fairy armadillo also known as pichiciego

Is a strange animal Discovered at Central Argentina. It is the smallest species among the armadillo mammals. It was first described by Richard Harlan in 1855.

He Described that the Pink fairy armadillos have small eyes, silky yellowish white fur, and a flexible dorsal shell that is solely attached to its body by a thin dorsal membrane In addition, its spatula-shaped tail protrudes from a vertical plate at the blunt rear of its shell. This creature exhibits nocturnal and solitary habits and has a diet that is mainly composed of insects, worms, snail and various plants parts.

The Pink fairy armadillos is 5-6 inches long and armadillo is the only animal in which the shell is almost separated from the body.

Armadillo is a very nice animal and interesting animal but unfortunate, it can not be considered as a pet because it is a wild animal and its challenging to be cared for as they need large space to roam and dig and are very active at night.

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