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Mythical creature that exist in the wild

There are lots of creatures around the world and I do not believe you've seen a quarter of them. Some are told in stories but appears to be true, the dinosaur and the dragon for instance are said to be a myth but scientists discovered that they do exist but are rare and are less in population.

Let's get started with the main reason why we came.

A creature which was said to be a myth and was told in stories has been discovered that it do exist but can only be found in the wild.

It has a horn like that of a reindeer and hands like human. It has lots of hair on its head and body and stands tall like a human. Its tail is fluffy, it has red eyes and face looking like an owl.

It runs with its hand on the ground like a lion and is very fast. It has the tendency to jump very high too and attacks using its horn but mostly bites. It is very rare but beautiful.

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