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Ghana is too hot: video of goats that prefer to serve their meals hot pops up on social media

Another wonder has been spotted in Ghana. It looks and feels so astonishing that one will only be left with his mouth gaping and even drip with saliva. A video that has been shared on social media by Nkomo FM on Monday evening 26th July 2021 has caused a lot of stir as a group of goats are seen gathered around a large cooking pot on fire and the goats eating right from the pot while it is still boiling with the fire. As it is now, it is not known what the kind of meals it is in the pot, and how the goats could go close to such burning fire and, to continuously, eat a meal as hot as that which is still boiling on fire.

As to how to unravel such mystery, the elderly may need to tell us more. Is it that the heat of the current economic situation in the country is also taking its toll on the animals as well or it is a change of lifestyle? Is it the signs of the end times as some people may claim or something else? Well, let's have a look at some images from the video below

Here is the link to the video

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