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A Wolf Eel Attacks A Fisherman On The Sea.

Despite the name, wolf eels are actually classified as fish not eels, as they have a pectoral fin and paired gill slits.

Looking like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, these beasts live in waters as deep as 740 feet (225m); preferably hiding out in enclosed places like caves or dens.

They can grow to lengths of approximately 8ft (2.5m), and weigh up to 41 lbs (18.4kg).

Although rarely violent, wolf eels have tremendously strong jaws and a resistant appetite. Their diet consists mostly of hard-shelled animals like crabs, crustaceans, and clams where they use their broad molars like a nutcracker to crush through the shells. 

On a day out fishing, the crew caught a wolf eel by a surprise. They were amazed by their catch since its rear to come by a wolf eel. According to one of the members of the crew, one of the fishermen decided to take a picture with the fish to serve as a memory. The fish tried to attack him with its mouth but the fisherman threw it on the flow and wasn't harmed in any way.

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Wolf Eel


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