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Mysterious Creatures You Never New Existed In The World

1. Japanese spider crap

Japanese spider crap is a spider that lives in water around Japan. The spider goes through three main larval egg in order to grow to their great size. Its scientific name is Macrocheirc kaempferi with a life span of 100 years and weight over 40 pounds.

2. Blue Parrotfisham

This type of fish can be found in coral reefs in the Western Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Its scientific name is Scarus Coeruleus that comes from the word blue fish.

This bright blue fish can be found 80% of it's time searching for food.

3. Furry Albino Tarantula

Tarantula is used to describe members of the family, Theraphosidae. These spiders have a polymer clay face painted in acrylics with faux fair bodies. It was found by a person in a small town in Western Australia near his house. This new spider is considered rare and the only known specimen of its kind.

4. Okapi

The Okapi which is the native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Central part of Africa. It's closely related to giraffes despite it's zebra-like stripes.

This animal scientific name is Okapia johnstoni with a mass of 200-250 kg and average life span of 30 years.

5. Red-lipped Batfish

This weird looking red-lipped batfish is a fish found around Peru and the Galapagos Islands. Red-lipped fish tends to feed on small fishes and has a life span of 12 years.

It is a poor swimmer but have fins that acts as legs which helps it to walk along the sand.

6. Markhor

The Markhor is the largest of a wild goat species found in the mountains of Central Asia.

It is protected under the Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Protection Act because it is threatened ill-planned development projects. The heights of their range depends on the season, so they are higher altitudes in the summers while in winters they live in lower altitudes.

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