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Scarry: Ghana starts rationing water due to galamsey activities? (Feature)

Water, they say is life. Without water no living creatures can survive for more than a week. Aside the usual domestic activities, water is used for industrial and commercial purposes.

It is common knowledge that drinking water otherwise known as potable water must has to be clean and hygienic without any harmful chemicals. Some drinking water contain a certain amount of particles (impurities) measured as turbidity.

According to WHO, the allowable turbidity for drinking water is less than 5. Above 5, the water is considered unwholesome.

However an NGO called Water in Africa Through Everyday Responsiveness (WATER), has disclosed that most sources of drinking water in Ghana have turbidity of more than 5.

I listened to Dr. Emmanuel Oboobi, Head of Surface Water, Ghana Water Research Institute yesterday on Point Blank on Citi FM. The disclosure he made was got me thinking all day. He told host Umaru Sanda that most rivers in Ghana now have turbidity of 2000 and more. You read it right, two thousand. While WHO is talking of 5, we say 2000. Meanwhile these are the sole sources of drinking water for communities along these rivers.

Dr. Emmanuel attributed this to illegal mining otherwise known as galamsey activities. He further disclosed that if the menace does not stop immediately, Ghana will be importing water in the near future.

"Umaru, the fact is we have already started water rationing in Obuase and my fear is in the unforeseeable future, the entire country will experience same", he added. When asked what unforeseeable future means" Dr. Emmanuel said in the next couple of years.

The truth is Ghana has no basis to complain of lack of water. Unlike Mali, Niger and other countries in the desert belt, Ghana is blessed with several rivers and water bodies. However it is our own greediness, wickedness and witchcraft that is pushing us to water crisis.

We have sold our heritage to the Chinese in exchange for peanut. We no longer think about the future generation but our own selfish interest of making money at all cost. This is what has brought us to our knees today, rationing water.

Unfortunately, everyone is pretending to be fighting the menace. Instead of the government identifying the kingpins of galamsey, arresting and prosecuting them, it is chasing a white elephant. Our chies and queen mothers who give out concessions to galamseyers pretend to be supporting government in the fight. Our opinion leaders, the CSOs, the clergy etc are quite because they are beneficiaries of the illegality. The politicians will use every opportunity available to condemn the act in public but secretly indulge in same do finance their parties. The jorunalists cannot talk about the canker because they too are busy eating.

So why are we treating ourselves like this? At the end of it, we are quick to compare Ghana to western countries. How?

I plead with everyone to kindly help the nation for the sake of generations unborn and act now to safe our water bodies.

No water, no life


Moses Akrugu, BSc PA, Dip RGN

NB: The writer is a health professional, a counselor and HIV activist. Opinions expressed herein are solely his and doesn't represent the final say.

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