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Visitors at a Zoo were amazed to see this and took pictures to raise alarm.

Shocked visitor at a Nigerian Zoo took this picture of Starving Lions at the Zoo.

Why would these Zoo officials watch these animals suffer for no reason of theirs. What prevents them from send the animals back if there isn't adequate funds to feed the animals. 

I believe the officials at the zoo should be proved and arrested. You can't embezzle money meant for animals upkeep.

It may look funny but just imagine what happening to these innocent creatures.

This is quite frightening to see this poor creatures in such a condition, imagine what they may be going through silently. After the images were shared on Facebook by unknown user, the big question people have been asking was that were do all those proceeds generated from the zoo actually go that these innocent creatures are left to be in hungry and u healthy stature.

The necessary authorities and officials need to address this worrying development.

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