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Plants That Repel Or Attract Snakes - See Pictures.

Snakes lurk in the shadows, camouflaging themselves in the greens and browns without your knowledge, and they are dangerous due to their lethal venoms.

Before we discuss the plants that naturally repel or attract snakes, we must first consider why these snakes have chosen to congregate in my yard.

A forest or a creek could be good options, but why my yard? First and foremost, you are providing them with adequate housing and a consistent food supply. This indicates that your garden or yard is teeming with field rats, snails, slugs, and insects that they might eat. They also prefer soft, moist soil beds.

In those moist soils, they could easily dig burrow holes, and too many burrow holes would ruin the garden. If that's the case, then we're simply encouraging them to stay in our yards.

Strong odors, such as citrus and spices, can deter them. This is due to the Jacobson's organ, a peculiar organ in their anatomy that makes them susceptible to strong odors.

Since strong odors obscure their ability to detect prey scents, you'll need some plants that will naturally repel them from your garden if you want to keep them away.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue


Pink agapanthus


A dense growth of these plants could provide a suitable habitat for snakes.

Rosemary flower

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Morning Glory Flower

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