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5 Advantage of Visiting Zoo.

Zoo visits enable children to learn about animals effectively, foster cognitive development and promote empathy and compassion. Observing and discussing animals create an interest in conservation and the realization that animals too have feelings and emotions.

Benefits of visiting the zoo:


As I travel through the zoo with my family, I encourage my children to read all of the signs. Not only are they learning something new about each animal. They are also reading which let’s be honest can be hard to get them to do. But they are learning new words that they might not have seen or use often. It also helps them learn about different parts of the world as they learn where each animal is from. Even though they do not know it there are increasing they vocabulary and comprehension from reading the signs and learning about each animal.

2.Priceless Family Time.

Let’s face it sometimes trying to get the whole family to get together can be a challenge. Especially as they grow older and have different interests. Visiting the zoo as a family has become a family tradition. It allows us a dedicated time to come together as a family and create sweet memories.

3.Environmental Awareness.

Visiting the zoo creates an opportunity for not only the child but the whole family too learn new ways to help protect the environment. It is heartbreaking to admit but within the last three years each visit is a learning experience on how the endangered animal list continues to grow. With each visit we learn different ways that we can contribute to protecting the environment like building a bird house, planting trees, and recycling.

4.Promotes Exercise.

Whether your into exercising or not. A visit to your local zoo will have you walking and hiking through the different exhibits. I avoid hopping on the trolleys that transport the guests to different parts. I use the visits as a way to promote exercise for the whole family.

5.Promotes Creativity and Exploration.

A visit to the zoo can leave the whole family asking questions, thinking outside the box. The fact of learning about the unknown and the desire to learn more with just asking a small question that might not seem like a big deal is a key source of development and self awareness.

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