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5 Five facts people don't know about Giant African snail, Popularly known as {Katribbean}.

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The Giant African snail is also known as Achatina fulica, it a species of large land snail which belongs to the big family of Achatinidae. It is known in the Ghanaians locality as Katribbean.

1. Generally Achatina fulica have a lifespan of 5 - 10 years.

2. Achatina fulica are hermaphrodite, which mean they contain both male and female reproductive organs.

3.The Achatina fulica contain serious health risks to humans by transmitting a parasite rat lungworm, which causes meningitis in human beings. One should put on protective gloves when handling the snail.

4. Achatina fulica is very rich in protein, ion and it has a high level of magnesium phosphorus and potassium

5. Achatina fulica it has very low level of sodium, fat and cholesterol.

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