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I Can't Believe That Pan Africa TV Played A Part In This Scam - Kwesi Pratt Boldly Declares

The salt wining at Ada Songor lagoon has been known for hundreds of years as a naturally occurring salt production center, and it's known throughout West Africa and beyond as one of the viable salt mines in the world.

Because of that, all kinds of private interests have sought to capture the Ada Songor salt lagoon for themselves.

The state coercive apparatus were deployed around the 1980s, and they committed horrible crimes against the people of Ada in an attempt to capture the Songor lagoon for private companies.

Recently, the controversies have started again, with the arrest of some chiefs and elders at Ada following the alleged burning of some structures belonging to the private businessman, McDan by some irate youths.

The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Junior, has indicated that he couldn't believe that his own Pan Africa television played a part in the scam to capture the Ada Songor lagoon for private capital.

According to Kwesi Pratt, one morning he tuned in to Pan Africa television, and Pan Africa television was running a whole thirty minutes news commentary on how the most sensible thing to do was to hand over Ada salt to private capital and how that will generate jobs. 

"I said my goodness, how did this escape us at Pan Africa television? Pan Africa television of all television stations was running this scam."

He indicated that when he came to work, he asked who organized that scam on Pan Africa television? Up to today, he still doesn't have the full facts. To the extent that it also involved Pan Africa television with all of them there, with their eyes open, tells you how deep and far these whole efforts to capture the Songor lagoon for private capital.

"Up till now, I can't believe that Pan Africa television played a huge part in this terrible scam."

He added that once again the controversies have started, and the rights of the people of Ada are being trampled upon by the coercive apparatus of the government. People are being shot so that private capital can capture Ada's salt.


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