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Alligator Pepper And It’s Spiritual Benefits

Are you aware that Alligator Pepper is quite potent?

1.If you are experiencing an attack or have negative sensations about something that is about to happen, 


Take one piece of Alligator pepper outside and pray with it, saying "wherever these attacks are coming from, you are returning it back to sender," then wave it seven times over your head and throw it away.

2.If you're leaving a residence where you and your spouse or wife are constantly arguing or fighting for no apparent reason, and you're certain it's because of someone. 


Cleanse yourself with one piece of Alligator pepper and tell whatever is causing the trouble to cease and return to sender.

3.If you experience terrible feelings when you wake up in the morning 


Take 7 pieces of alligator pepper, place them in a pail of water, and bathe with them, praying that no evil will come over you while you are bathing.

4.If you're having horrible nightmares and don't want them to come true 


Take seven pieces of alligator pepper, place them in your mouth, and chew them. While chewing, go outside and pray that no evil will come upon you; as you say these prayers, you will spit it up.

5.If you are dealing with a weak market or a bad business 


Cleanse your store with four pieces of Alligator pepper and throw it where people are passing by, then cleanse yourself with two pieces of Alligator pepper and throw it in the same spot you threw the previous one.

6.Also, if you are the kind who sleeps with different girls, keep in mind that some girls have ill spirits from another man, and sleeping with them without purifying yourself might bring bad luck to you, as well as business disasters. 


Cleanse yourself with 7 pieces of Alligator pepper before sleeping with any girl and again after you're done with her.

Thank for reading my article.

Content created and supplied by: Nanakwame (via Opera News )

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