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High Technology Used By Israel Which Forces Water In Atmosphere To Form Clouds And Produce Rain

After attaining independence, the Israeli government dedicated 30% of the national budget to agriculture in a bid to produce food and provide water to its citizens. Israel has not only accomplished a spectacular agricultural revolution, but it has also established itself as a global leader in agriculture and water management. 87% of Its land is arid or semi-arid yet it exports food to other countries.

The country's scientists are wielding the latest technology that has improved the amount of precipitation and allowed the conservation of rainwater.

Cloud seeding is a weather-modification technique that artificially adds condensation nuclei to the sky, giving a base for snowflakes or raindrops to form, improving a cloud's potential to generate rain.

Cloud seeding can be done remotely using ground-based generators or airplanes. To aid in the creation of ice crystals, most cloud seeding procedures use a substance called silver iodide. A solution containing a small amount of silver iodide is burned or discharged from airplanes by ground-based generators. This technique improves the chances of cloud-producing raindrops by 93% and increases rainfall intensity by 30%.

This method is helping Israeli farmers to produce high-quality and quantity food in the desert by increasing the amount of rainfall on farmlands. It helps combat extreme high temperatures in the country.

Meteorologists are consulted before the operation to avoid or reduce damages caused by storms. Chemicals used has no negative impact on the environment provided it is used in small amounts.

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