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Checkout 5 Animals That Could Defeat A Lion

Though Lions are term the King of the jungle because of there superiority over other predators . The jungle king can sometimes be bullied or killed by other species of the animal. In today's article we are going to look at five animals that could easily defeat a Lion.

To set the ball rolling, 1. HIPPOPOTAMUS

This animal could easily defend itself from a Lion and even a group of lions. The Hippo as strong teeth that could crush a Lion with one bite also they are fairly aggressive. Hippos are very strong and fast to attack a Lion.


A Crocodile can kill a Lion when the Lion comes close to it habitat. The Crocodile strong teeth can crunch a Lion. If the Crocodile is able to bite the Lion, the Crocodile wins.


Bears are slightly slower but when they make-up to there prey , no escape. One grizzly Bear can fight a whole pack of wolves . Since a Polar Bear is much larger and as little competition for food, it most probably won't be afraid to fight a Lion.


Giraffes have a powerful kick that will damage crucial bones in a Lions body. They can also harm or kill a Lion by swinging their long necks and giving a very hard hit or strike on the Lions body which can injured bones and organs .


The Elephant are the strongest creature on land. They are large and strong enough to face a Lion alone. In fact it's takes a whole pride of Lions to bring down an Elephant and even then there is a little chance of success.

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