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Illegal sand winning at obom environs

Residents and families threatenes Demo against the municipality and the weija police command.

Residents of Obom Domeabra, Ekpekorpe and Agbozo in the Ga South Municipality are living in constant fear over the activities of illegal sand winning 

These sand winners who have virtually taken over all their farmlands have been terrorizing residents on daily basis making life unbearable for them.

Reliable information gathered indicated that the activities of the sand winners in these communities have been given strong backing by some top politicians ,the weija police commander , ACP Liar Baman and the Ga- south municipal chief , Stephen Nyarni who are considered untouchable.

Speaking to aggrieved residents these illegal sand winners are destroying their farm lands and anytime they complain, they receive threats of death hence their inability to fight for what rightfully belongs to them.

They also averred that they have made several reports at the police stations but it seems the forces behind the sand winners are strong hence, not positive results.

According to them the Municipal Chief Executive of Ga South, once came to stop the sand winners from operating and in that exercise, guns and other offensive weapons were seized from the people,

Meanwhile, the people are back to the communities and are continuing with the activities putting the lives of residents in danger.

They have also indicated that, landowners have never sold or lease any portion of their land to any individual for the purposes of sand winning and don't deserve this harassment. 

They have therefore threatened to hit the street all red against the municipality and the weija police commander for backing illegal things if  continues. 

moreover, made the leader of the nation , his excellency to use his good office to stop these criminals who have invaded Obom Domeabra under the guise of winning sand for peace to prevail.

“We are scared, we live in fear and we cannot go about our normal duties. Our health is also in serious danger as result of the activities,” they lamented.

Credit: Banahene Osman

Content created and supplied by: Prince Rockson (via opera news)

Content created and supplied by: PrinceRockson (via Opera News )

ACP Ekpekorpe Ga South Obom Domeabra Stephen Nyarni


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