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END TIME IS NEAR: Here's The Man Who Entered The Stomach Of a Big Anaconda Because Of What He Wants

Some people of America who came across the story of this young man vent their anger at student websites through a survey of the internal nature of the wildlife specialist Paul Rosolie who allowed himself to be taken in by a big Anaconda.

This weird research was meant to purpose to carry out a study of the internal genetics of the snake in the Amazon rainforest as the first of its kind throughout the world.

Meanwhile, it was later reported that Mr Paul had to stop researching because of the events that came up afterwards.

People of the U.S. watched the expert on their TV as he entered the stomach of the big Anaconda wearing a special robe to help keep his bodily temperature and also measure his heart rate within the abdomen of the snake.

Before the Anaconda could hurt him, his friends had came around searching for him in the forest, and luckily they found him at last.

His plan was to be shown on Live TV how he's being swallowed by the giant snake, so as his collegues watched him Live, Rosolie slipped into the Anaconda's mouth.

"I never meant to disturb the animal too much and i was careful not to hurt myself as well." "I wanted another clothes to avoid hurting the snake with my own clothes."

"I wasn't even scared at all because experts tested my body, and confirmed that it would affect the snake at all.

Paul likes to engage himself on animal studies particularly snakes but after over an hour of getting into the stomach of the snake, the specialist decided to suspend his investigation for fear that the giant snake would harm him.

He was overheard on a special speaker placed on his dress by his friends saying that the snake had hurt him. "Please get me out of this place, am not really sure whether my bones are unresponsive."

After the snake had Swallowed him, Rosolie survived dangerous adventure, it was still a big miracle that she was able to get air from the same dress for good three hours.

Do you think it's worth risking one's life because of a research? your opinion is important to us

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