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What Could Be The Reason For Honourable Kennedy Agyepong's Warning To Rev Obofour ?

Commenting after a series of videos that were shown on the NET 2 television program hosted by Mr. Kwaku Annan, Honourable Kennedy Agyepong cautioned Rev Obofour to be very careful. Honorable Kennedy Agyepong said he was going to exposed Rev Obofour if he does not stop what he was doing

I am not too sure what Rev Obofour did or what he may have told honorable Kennedy Agyepong in other to put him in a privileged position of information that could be detrimental to the position of Rev Obofour and his church. But judging purely based on the series of videos that were shown before Rev Obofour was cautioned, There was nothing in those videos that looked bad.

A popular Nigerian proverb states that the toad does not run during the daytime for anything. If you see a toad running around during the daytime, something must have chased that toad. So maybe honorable Kennedy Agyepong is privy to information that could be very damaging enough to expose Rev Obofour in a bad way

Rev. Obofour, also known as Prophet Asanteman Bofour, is the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) worldwide and CEO of Sweet TV.

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