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After killing 60 people & captured by 50 men, this killer crocodile named “Osama” sparks reactions

After killing 60 people & captured by 50 men, this killer crocodile named “Osama” sparks reactions

A news report indicates that the Ugandan Wildlife officials have successfully captured a huge killer crocodile named “Osama”.

Once upon a time, a village in Uganda never had peace due to the presence of the world’s most prolific man-eater. ‘Osama the crocodile’, lived in Lake Victoria and never spared any human it comes across.

Measuring 16ft from snout to tail, and weighing one ton, Osama allegedly devoured humans and maimed several others.

The crocodile, believed to be over 75 years back then, reportedly ate a father-of-two Bosco Nyansi, a local fisherman whose tattered clothing was discovered floating on the water. Osama is reported to have feasted on over 80 victims from Luganga village in Uganda.


A giant, one-tonne crocodile has been caught by Ugandan villagers, after allegedly eating man and maiming several others in a village.

Locals begged wildlife officials to hunt the reptile after it claimed its most recent victim, leaving Ugandan fishermen too scared to go out in their boats.

Friends of father-of-two Bosco Nyansi said they were only able to recover his clothes, which were found floating on the water, after he was mauled by the beast.

Officials in Uganda believe the animal is 80 years old and weighs just 47kg less than the largest crocodile ever held in captivity - a 21ft saltwater crocodile named Lolong captured in the Philippines.

The reptile's presence proved problematic for local fisherman, who became too scared to approach the lake until it was caught.

Only 15 people have felt Osama’s teeth and lived to tell the tale. Many families who have lost dear ones in the hands of Osama longed for the day this terror would be captured.

All Nile crocodiles like Osama will eat a human being if they perceive their territory is being encroached on," he said. "But our crocodiles are well secured, so I'm not too worried." Uganda is famous for its man-eating reptiles.

In the 1970s, Idi Amin, the former dictator, threw 4,000 disabled people into the crocodile-infested headwaters of the Nile. Osama, who is thought to be about 60 years old, may well have been a beneficiary.

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