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Ghanaians must put a stop to this attitude of chocking our drainages

People in some parts of the country are always afraid when clouds gather, indicating that rain is on the way. This is not for any reason other than the fact that once it rains, a lot of havoc will be wreaked. People will lose their sleeping quarters, property will be damaged, and lives will be taken. This is because if it rains, there will undoubtedly be flooding, which will result in the loss of these items. Flooding throughout the rainy season has been a problem for us as a country, especially during the rainy season. This is particularly evident in Accra, the country's capital.

People may argue that we have this problem as a country as a result of bad drainage systems, yet a photo posted on Facebook just a few minutes ago will persuade you differently. A woman who seems like she may be a mother and has a good sense of judgment was witnessed putting her trash into a big drainage system. This is a truly heinous mentality. Why isn't the country inundated with these kinds of actions? As a society, we are constantly blaming the government for our lack of growth and many crises, yet our own attitudes are oftentimes the root of all of these.

What this woman was discovered doing is likely to cause a slew of issues in the long run. When it rains, this will undoubtedly result in floods, for which the government will be held responsible. Meanwhile, a positive attitude could have prevented this. When calamities occur as a result of citizens' failure to take responsibility, the government may be forced to spend additional funds to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, these funds may have been better spent on something that would have benefited the country.

It's hardly shocking that this woman isn't the only one who's probably doing this. When someone in our part of the world takes it upon themselves to report people who engage in such behavior, they are labeled as insensitive. Meanwhile, the person's actions may endanger the lives of many innocent people. To advance as a nation, Ghanaians must put an end to some of these practices and become more responsible. 

What do you believe should be done about persons who behave in this manner? Let us know what you think. The Facebook post can be found here.


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