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I can make a dead person come back to life instantly by using a maize plant-Dr. Grace Boadu

Dr.Grace Boadu had an interview with Kwaku Manu on his aggressive program and she said a lot to educate society. Dr.Grace Boadu is the head of Grace Gift herbal Clinic. She uses herbs to cure people and make people healthy. She said every leaf or anything created by God has its spiritual component. She talks about an insect whose nest helps to cure pain.

In Twi, it is called "kotokurodu" and in English, it is called wasp. This wasp uses clay to build its house called the nest. The nest is made up of clay and you will take some of it and grind it on a stone. After that, you will use any person whose arm has broken and still feel pain inside. You will use it on the person's arm three times and after that, the pain will stop. This only works with a person feeling pains on his or her arm after an accident. It can also be used on boils if you have any boils and it will make it go within a short time.

Dr boadi also said if a person dies today, she can make a dead person come back in a short time and ask him or her some questions after that then the person will go back and rest in his or her death. She said she has done some before and she said sometimes you will hear someone has talked with a dead person to ask him or her some questions about his or her death and after that, the person will die again. When a person dies right now all you need is an effective ultra carbon to stop his Acetic for some time then he or she will wake for you to talk with him.

She said the maize plant contains an effective ultra carbon so you get one, then you make it dry and burn it. After that, you will use it on the person's forehead and some of it under his or her tongue. It will stop the acetic acid for some time then you will talk with the person or ask him or her questions. After sometimes the acetic acid will continue working then the person will die again. The acetic acid makes dead bodies rot. So a lot of people will be using these maize plants to talk with the dead. You will hear this person has talked with a dead person to ask the person questions and they use these maize plant to work because it contains effective ultra carbons to stop Acetic acid for some time that a dead person comes back to life for a short period.

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