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Delicious foods Ghanaians love, but are banned and unacceptable in other countries.

Food is a basic necessity of life and the Maslow's hierarchy of needs classified food under physiological needs, thus the most important needs in the life of every human. In most countries including Ghana, every person is at liberty to consume everything they find edible to satisfy their hunger. In Ghana, it is no offence to catch and slaughter any animal you find edible, from bush meats to endangered animals and domestic animals can all be consumed freely.

There are virtually no restrictions on any food here. Strangely it is different in other jurisdictions and sometimes health concerns, religious barriers and fear of endangering some species makes the consumption of some foods unacceptable in some countries. Infact in countries like USA and China, you're likely to be jailed for consuming foods the government has prohibited. In this article we want to enlighten you on some foods we are allowed to consume in Ghana but banned or unacceptable in other countries. 


Though it is not a delicacy, considerable number of Ghanaians consume dog meat and there are dog markets in Ghana, which was recently reported to be booming in the Northern part of the country. Infact when International Animal Rights Activists, petitioned the government to ban trade in dog meat few weeks ago, it was opposed by some Ghanaians including the member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak, who said consuming dog was part of Ghanaian culture and they should stay away from our dog meat. However the dog meat is banned in USA and they have the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act, which outlaws slaughtering and consuming of dogs and cats.


Suffice to say, pork is one of the delicacies consumed by most Ghanaians. There are several pork joints in the country and you are also likely to find some at every restaurant. Nonetheless eating pork is prohibited by Muslims and in Islamic countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, it is forbidden.


Beef is simply the culinary name for the meat of a cow and is widely consumed here in Ghana but not in countries like India and Nepal. Over 80% of people in these two countries are Hindus and in Hinduism, cows are sacred and revered animals and the religion outlaws the consumption of beef.


Yes Pangolin is another animal, some Ghanaians relish its meat very much. The taste of a pangolin meat is slightly similar to that of a beef. The Akans call it "Aprawa" and is one of the endangered species in the world. But if you cross over to Gabon, there is a ban on the eating of pangolins, following suspicions that, coronavirus originates from the animal.

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