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A Snake with two horns. (Saharan horned viper)

Snakes are a long-lived group of animals that have existed on the planet for millions of years.

Many spices of snakes have already become extinct and few are documented.

But why do the majority of people despise these ancient species?

Snake phobia is one of the most common phobias, despite the fact that many people have never actually seen a snake.

What causes this apprehension?

According to new findings, humans have developed an inherent ability to detect snakes— and spiders as well— and to learn to fear them.

Snakes aid in the eradication of rats in the farm sector.

So, despite the fact that people despise them, these ancient animals are still vital members of the ecosystem.

The venomous Saharan horned viper is found in the deserts of northern Africa and parts of the Middle East.

The appearance of a pair of supraocular "horns" makes it easy to spot.

These snakes have a yellowish, light grey, pinkish, reddish, or pale brown ground color that almost always matches the color of the substrate where they are found.

A series of black, semi-rectangular blotches run the length of their bodies on the dorsal side. These are real snakes.

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Saharan Snake


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