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In Ghana, Africa, There Is A Park Called Kakum National Park.

Kakum National Park is located in Ghana's southern central region, close to the ocean. The park covers a total area of 145 square miles (375 sq km). The Kakum River, which flows through the park, is named for it. This is the most popular natural attraction in Ghana.

Tropical forest dominates the park's landscape, accounting for 90 percent of the total area. It's one of just three spots in Africa where you can go through the trees on a canopy walk. It connects seven distinct trees over a distance of 1,150 feet (350 meters).

The park's elevation ranges from 443 feet (135 meters) to 820 feet (250 meters), with lush evergreen forest covering the majority of the forested area. The bulk of woodlands are moist forests, but there are also swamp woods, riverine woods, and Boval vegetation.Buffalo, forest elephants, civet, Colobus monkeys, red river hog, giant forest hog, pangolin, dwarf crocodile, and North Africa crested porcupine are among the animals found here. Who knows which you'll see if you go on one of the guided jungle hikes or the canopy walkway high in the woods. The tropical rainforest begs to be explored, and the lofty canopy trail offers a bird's-eye view and a greater opportunity to spot some of the creatures below.

Within the park's limits, there are 266 different bird species. It is home to the country's largest population of woodland elephants. The park protects endangered animals such as the Diana monkey, big bongo antelope, yellow-backed duiker, and African elephant.

A permission is required if you want to take photographs while visiting the park. Whether you're capturing still photos or moving video footage, you'll have to pay a permission charge. The good news is that the money raised from the fees is used to help the local wildlife.

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