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Attention: Do This To Prevent Snakes Into Your Homes As Weather Becomes Warmer

As the warmer weather is approaching, snake season is upon us, you have to guide and guard yourself against these creepy creatures.

Please be aware of your pet, if you notice any signs of trembling, vomiting, salivation, weakness, collapse, difficulty breathing, red urine, and/or dilated pupils seek medical attention right away! Snake bites need to be treated as soon as possible.

When taking your pet on walks, stay away from creeks and keep them on the lead to prevent them from going into the long grass and potentially being bitten.

Anytime you hear the chickens at home making strange noise check well if these reptiles have crept in.

Hearing heavy or strange sound movement in ceiling check if the snakes have come for rats.

Below is a powerful remedy to keep them away.

Things to use:

2cups of Dried corn

4cups of Dried bitter kola

Grind the two and mix well, spray it around fences and areas you know they can hide, and they won't near again.

Note: if they are inside already be careful how you spray because they can jump out for fear of death.

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