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Just put a snake plant on your bedside table for a week and feel the difference.

The Snake Plant (scientific name sansevieria and also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue) is not just popular for its unique and striking appearance. It is actually widely considered one of the most beneficial indoor plants for a number of different reasons.

Place a snake plant on your bedside table and enjoy fresh oxygen the plant releases at night. The snaky foliage and extra fleshy rhizomes add a vast sea of dramatic appeal to public areas like lobbies or the living room where you receive visitors.

The snake plant is most admired for its resilience and cluster of leafy decorative foliage that spreads beautifully and lend a modern aura to your space.

Benefits of the Snake Plant

1. It is a Fantastic Oxygen-Producing Plant

2. They filter out Harmful Pollutants

3. Effective against allergies

4. Low-light thriving and easy to care for.

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Harmful Snake Plant


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