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Captain Smart spits 'fire' for action: Do you know what Achimota Forest Reserve is doing for Accra ?

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Captain Smart is a popular Journalist in the country who thrives on discussing socio-economic issues on his platform on Onua TV. He is loved and admired for his style of delivery.

This Morning Captain Smart said he was not happy about various happenings in the country. He wore a raincoat to show that the country is experiencing a rainy season. He exclaimed that he does not want to continue the show due to some special reasons. However, Captain Smart on his Onua Maakye show took some time to provide some information to the general public.

Captain Smart told viewers that there are natural resources that have been disregarded for far 'too long ' despite their essence. He asked if the importance of the Achimota Forests is known to the people of Ghana?

According to the celebrated Journalist, Achimota Forest reserve stores, about 40 percent of water in Accra and as such must be taken very seriously. Captain Smart hinted that many people do not know what the Forest reserve in the country does for citizens until we lose these reserves.

Captain Smart said that the politicians in the country must appreciate the need for green and embark on intensive afforestation to help serve various ecological purposes.

What are your thoughts on what Captain Smart said? Aside from the purpose mentioned by Captain Smart, what other uses would the forest reserve provide? Do you think the country is protecting its natural resources effectively ? What do you think needs to be done to manage our forest reserves if they are currently not managed effectively? Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section after enjoying this piece of article. Please be a citizen and not a spectator. Thanks again for reading this update . I sincerely appreciate your time. Cheers!

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Source : Onua TV at 24th May, 2022

Content created and supplied by: JUKELAFRICA (via Opera News )

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