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Hunting for animals is dead: See how our ancestors did so to gain name and recognition

Hunting as the way of searching for bush meat was a good and interesting thing to do in the past.

In the early years, people usually go into the bushes in search of bush animals.

Usually, this takes place during the winter season. In the northern part of Ghana, it was widely embraced and served as means of living for some people.

It will interest you to know that, some families or tribes where known as hunting family. So they refer to them as the hunters.

Those called the hunters were so exceptional in aiming at a target.

They used to have mass hunting on appointed days.

When they go for such hunting expenditure, they help each other to hunt but each one for himself and God for us all was the theme.

When you kill an animal, tribes that you play with that are part of the expenditure will come and take hold of the animal and handle it for you until you reach home.

When you finally reach home, one front leg of the animal was given to that person and the intestines.

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