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Animals That Have The Longest Pregnancy Periods In The World

Which animal has the longest gestation period? In humans, the period of time it takes for a baby to grow in the womb to the point when it's ready to be born called the gestation period averages about 280 days or 40 weeks or about nine months. For a kid excited to meet a new sibling, that can seem like forever.

When you look at some animals, however, you might realize that a nine-month wait isn't all that bad. For example, when it comes to mammals, no one has to wait as long to give birth as the elephant. Here are some examples of some other really long gestation periods.

1. Elephants

At up to 23 months, elephants boast the longest gestation period of any land animal. They also boast big babies. Baby elephants are not only born nearly blind but they rely on their trunks and mothers for everything, their mums will usually nurse them for four to six years.

2. Black alpine salamanders have gestation periods that can last two to three years. The higher they live in the Alps, the colder it is and the longer their gestation period lasts.

3. Rhinoceros

It might not come as a surprise that rhinos because of their sheer sizeare next on the list, with a gestation period of about 15 to 18 months, depending on the species.This long gestation period is also an obstacle to replenishing the population. 

4. Camels

Camels are known for their stubborn and crabbish personalities, but consider this. camels have a gestation period of 13 to 15 months. The month in which conception occurred can shift the birthdate, with November conceptions pushing the birth 18 days longer than a May conception.

5. Walrus

Total gestation is 15 to 16 months. Gestation includes a period of delayed implantation. Their gestation period is sixteen months long. This is due to a delayed implantation of the embryo, which can last up to four months.

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