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Be careful how you handle your doors:- See how a monitor lizard entered the house of these people

Every house has a gate and I guess we all know why there is a gate or door in every house. For protection from thieves? Not only that, gates are installed in every house for protection in general and privacy.

Most people don't like it when a third person invades into their household, other people for the said security purposes and lastly, for protection from animals.

There are lots of creeping animals that invades the homes of people for food, shelter and/or protection. We should be mindful of how we handle our doors.

However, take a look at how a monitor lizard entered the house of these people:

The set of people above showing a mother, father and daughter were in their room as seen but didn't lock their door because they needed fresh air. Few minutes later, the above creeping monitor lizard entered their room which probably came from the entrance since it wasn't locked.

The little girl (their daughter) spotted it and raised alarm causing her parents to go after it. I know none of us want to be in such situations so please be careful with the way you handle your doors. Lock them when necessary or recommendable, right after entering.

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