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3 Wild Plants That Can Kill You.

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Arguably, plants are widely used for medicinal purposes to treat various degree of sickness. However, it's important to know that not every plant is edible or can be used for the purpose stated. Some of them are poisonous and can harm you if you eat them or try to treat yourself with them.

This article tackles three wild plants that have the potential to kill you. Remember, there are several of them. You are, however, entreated to explore more into this because it's very very important.

Below are the 3 simple yet deadliest plants to keep away from.

1. Bleeding Tooth Fungus

This is a type of mushroom with a bleeding stuff that should warn you it's dangerous. It's mostly found in North America and Europe. It's not edible. It tastes more like bitter pepper.

Remember, it's not a potential killer, but it leads to nausea and gag reflex which may leave you dehydrated afterward.

2. White Snakeroot

Though, it looks harmless, white snakeroot contains a toxic substance that can be passed from cows to humans through their milk. According to reports, it caused the demise of Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks among many others.

3. Red Cup Mushroom

It looks very nice at first glance. It has exceptional beauty and looks much convenient. However, it's very harmful to humans when consumed. It's not edible and must not be eaten.

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