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Effects of " Galamsey " in Ghana

" Galamsey" as known popularly in Ghana means .."gather and sell ". This activity is normally considered to be a illegal small scale mining operation when not registered and given the permit of document to operate in Ghana. The ongoing above practice is considered to be a source of revenue to the country when minerals such as gold , bauxite and many more are extracted in Ghana but yet it has some demerit which needs drastic measures to be undertaken. The image below gives a scenario about the activity named above>>>

The effect of unregistered small scale mining in Ghana known popularly to be called galamsey practice causes pollution and stagnation of natural water bodies. For instance, the popularly known river called Pra River, has lost it nature given ability as a result of the activities and operation of galamsey which are ongoing in Ghana. Natural water bodies water flow courses are channeled to different path. The stagnation of these water bodies imposes great effect in term of sanitation and health problems by increasing the breed of mosquitoes hence causing outbreak of malaria.

The ongoing operation of unregistered , illegal mining activity in Ghana has also bring about loss of precious life and also unavailability of land for economic and domestic ventures such as agricultural, building of infrastructures and many more. The operation has made many relative lost their precious family members on their ways to get something back home to enable them cater for the entire family. Lands for lucrative ventures are at scares and shortage as a result of the galamsey operation in Ghana. Fertile land to be fully engaged in lucrative ventures such as agricultural works are at short.

To conclude by summing up my view on the glimpse effect at the side of operating and encouraging Galamsey in Ghana. The effect of galamsey operation has arise the occurrence of flood in Ghana. Towns and village near such areas undertaking such operation suffers a huge risk in term of flooding. The stagnated water bodies from such areas in no time amount to the occurrence of flooding when there is heavy downpour of rainfall. These bring much effects also to the country when it submerge houses, roads, rail lines, schools, companies and others. Areas with flat slope land also suffers much. This effect cause for drastic measure and hope it will be addressed . Below is the above point depicted in image >>>

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Galamsey Ghana Pra River


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