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Biggest sea creatures that were spotted and caught by fishermen

Sea creatures as I guess we all know are organisms that lives in water. There are many sea creatures and the common ones are dolphins, fishes, sharks etc.

That wasn't the end, there are really big sea creatures in the ocean and we are going to look at a few that were spotted and caught by fishermen. Below are biggest sea creatures that were spotted and caught by fishermen:

This creature is amazingly huge and this makes some people ask how it was caught. Well, a fishermen was looking for fishes in the ocean when he came across this huge creature.

He took his spear and pierce it bit it was still moving, he struck it multiple times until it couldn't move well but was just struggling to survive. He held its tail and dragged it into the seashore. Many people came over and helped carry it away.

Tilapia is a kind of fish that is small but not that small. It can fit completely into both palms if closed. But in this case, a fisherman caught a tilapia that has the size of a shark. It is extremely big and people wonder how he caught it. Well, he used a hook and a bait.

Well, this fisherman did very well in catching a shark. We all know how mighty sharks, once it sense the human blood it will eventually try to kill. It's intention backfired it as it was hovering around the ship thinking on how to get in and catch the humans.

The fishermen also were looking for fish when they spotted it, the fishermen succeeded in killing it and catching it.

This is unbelievable, like can you see the size of this tortoise. It is big enough than humans to kill them but imagine how they caught it. God gave us dominion over all the animals and said we should have control over them so don't be surprised.

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