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The Spiritual Side Of Wall Geckos And How To Know If Their Presence Are Good Or Bad To You

Wall Geckos, Scientifically known as Tarentola are very common in many homes. It is proven that it poisonous when you eat a food eaten by it.

Well that is the physical side. People who believe in the spirituality believes that the presence of Wall Geckos may be dangerous or good spiritually.

Might be seeing this reptiles in your house everyday.

But don't know what they can do, any time you see one that its either they are signaling you to take protection on your finances and foods or someone sent it after you to block your financial blessings and you will be in repeated financial crisis all the time.


If you want to be sure that they are in your house for good reason, get 4 different CASSAVA STICKs and put it in the four corners of your room and within an hour you will see that the geckos have left your house for good.

If they don't leave then you know you're being warned to take protection against finances and Property.

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Tarentola Wall Geckos


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