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Crocodile chews man who put his head into it's mouth

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As tragedy it seems to be, it is also a form of lesson to us all. This man in question played a risky game that got him into this situation. It happened at tourist site where people were having fun. This man was seen putting his head into the mouth of the crocodile that turns out wrong for him and he was bitten by the reptile. Stare into the jaws of live crocodile, that's the last thing you ever see.

That's why it's important to stay at least three metres from the edge of water. People should not assume that just because they can't see a crocodile that it's not there; crocodiles can stay underwater for over an hour.

Furthermore, if you do need to cross the water in a big group, it is not wise to splash around in the water or create lots of noise.

It may seem obvious to avoid attracting their attention, but people have been told that making lots of noise might scare them away. This is terrible advice.

Of course, if you do get grabbed by a crocodile there's not much to be done. You can try and put your fingers in its eyes or hit it on the nose, as both are sensitive areas. If you have something to hand to put down its throat, it might cause it to gag and release you.

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