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Anyanui Town Folks Dredge Lagoon with Hand

Anyanui is a Fishing community in Anloga District Assembly in Volta region where citizens largely depend on Lagoon for survival.

But unfortuanately for the community, their lagoon has been chocked which is affecting their fishing activities. Though the citizens always call on the government to come to their aid, all their attempts did not yield any good result.

Due to the delay in governments rescue, the citizens of Anyanui put the responsibilities on their own to do dredge the lagoon themselves. The citizens use shovel and other working tools to drege the lagoon themselves.

People looking at their plea, benevolent givers from far and near donates equipments and food stuffs to assist their efforts since they usually work on thursdays weekly.

Anyanui is connected to Ada Foah by a ferry which runs every Wednesday, calling at a number of other villages on the way.

Anyanui is subject to coastal erosion and a $60 million project has been initiated to cover the 2.7 kilometres between Anyanui and Akplorwotorkor.

Citizens of Anyanui are still waiting on the government to come to their aid since they have started it on their own in the sence that they are suffering alot.

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Ada Foah Anloga Anyanui


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