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How to remove wall geckos from your room safely

At times, you wonder where wall geckos come from. Are you always worried about wall geckos in your room? Wall geckos are termed to be evil by many and they go about buying poisons to repel them from their rooms. But they appear in the rooms some few days later. I am here as usual, to teach you how to repel them safely without incurring those huge costs as you have been doing.

If you are staying or have stayed in a village before, do not have ceiling in your rooms or your building is at the outskirt of the town, you will know what I mean. A friend of mine told me he always wake up in the middle of the night to kill not less than 2 in his room but he finds them when it's day time again especially when the lights are on.

Things needed:

Long fresh cassava stick/stem (number to be determined by the number of corners in your room). Corners in your room.

After reading this, I know within three days of practice you will be testifying under the comments section to prove others to practice. It takes nothing away from you. It is the results that always speak for itself.


Locate the number of corners in your room. Let's assume you have four corners in your room. Cut long fresh cassava sticks and put one at each corner and you are done. Yes, very simple. You don't need any chemical. I mean, put each of the fresh cassava sticks in your corners standing. Wall geckos will say bye bye to your room. When the cassava sticks are getting dried, replace them. In effect, I am saying the number of corners in your room determines the number of cassava sticks you will use. It is also called cassava stem and it is shown in the picture above.

Above is a picture of wall gecko for those who don't know what it is.

Please, don't just read but practice and send your feedback. I am here to help all of us from too much spending on petty things.

Follow me for more of such things. Farmers, look for my article how to stop people from using black magic to destroy your farm. Poultry farmers, I will soon be with you. Married couple, expect marriage advise soon and the general public should also be expecting general advise soon.

Please don't forget to share, comment and follow me for more.

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