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Safety accident


Environmental accident

The state of our nation in the next decades

1. Chinese led Galamsey has polluted Ghana soil and water;

2. In 2035 research funded by the Chinese government in Ghana shows heavy metals concentration and microplastics in our cocoa and tuber crops;

3. The research got published in "Nature Soil Journal and the Lancet" 

4. Top media house globally carry the news on dangerous soil pollution in Ghana and the ground breaking research; 

5. Based on the research, in 2036 the EU ban cocoa and tuber crops from Ghana;

6. In 2036, China, becomes the leading cocoa exporter to the EU;

7. 100 yrs old Ghana COCOBOARD goes to the 15yr old Chinese COCOBOARD for capacity building in 2040;

8. In 2043 Ghana begins to import water, yam, cassava & plantain from China because of heavy metal and microplastics concentration in our soil

9. Chinese scientists create a chemical for cleaning soil contamination in Ghana in 2055 and win Nobel Prize for Chemistry and World Food Prize in 2056

10. 2060: Chemical for cleaning contaminated soil are super expensive, monopolized and accessible to only agricultural hegemons dominated by Chinese firms.

11. 2070: All contaminated lands have been bought by the hegemons and royals of Ghana have become landless:

12: 2080: Ghana become food and water-stressed and receives food aid from the west and east;

13: 2100: at the dawn of the next century the Chinese language is spoken as a second official language in Ghana and all airport announcements are done in Chinese as well. Of course, our mulatto are the new definition of beauty and once again the black inferiority is at the lowest ebb. 

A. They came for the land and no one spoke because it wasn't their land

B. Then they destroyed the water and no one spoke because it wasn't their water

C. Their children came to inherit nothing because no one was there to tell them the history

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