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Meet the Cannibals, The tribe that eats human.

Cannibals are seen as fictional beings in movies of which many people perceive to be a myth. But the truth about it is that CANNIBALISIM IS REAL.

In West Papua, just a few hundred kilometers of Australia. Along the end of the amazon forest are cannibals located in the midst of a snowcapped mountains that are rich in gold and copper. Their houses are built on tall tree branches in the jungle to protect them from their enemies and wild animals.

 Men wear only tiny leaves to cover their Pendulums (Genitals). It is believed they are still leaving in the Stone Age because they cherish stones more than steel. Their axe for cutting is even made of stone. Aside eating human flesh, they eat Snakes among other animals in the jungle. They have no idea of the concept of hygiene, microscopic virus and infections.

When someone dies, they believe the person was killed by an evil spirit called the KAKUA and they follow with a witch hunt because they believe someone must be the KAKUA and if a finger is pointed at someone the person is killed and eaten.

They have no remorse for killing a tribe’s man who is believed to be a KAKUA. The preparation process of the KAKUA is just as they prepare an animal. They cut of the head, start to slice open the stomach and take out the intestine, cut the rib out of the sides and they cut off arms and legs. They finally cut the parts into pieces, roast and eat it. They eat everything except the hair, teeth and nails.

It is believed that they are a friendly tribe but can turn evil on anyone they think is a KAKUA.

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