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Strange: See the animal born only once in a thousand years

God has really created amazingly plenty things. The things he has created is beyond imagination. The house fly which disturbs us and we wish they never existed are very proficient to us.

It helps in the pollination of plants or to explain further, it helps in the transporting of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of a plant and this helps the plant to grow and we enjoy it.

Can you be sincere to yourself and say the truth that you have not taken in or eaten a fruit or any tuber since last year? No you do have so everything God created is very important.

Some people say mosquitoes are also useless because all they do is to annoy and make noise and at the same time give diseases but they are very useful to us, they also pollinate plants and serves as a source if food to many animals.

Such as the birds, reptiles, fishes in ponds etc. We eat some of these animals too so without the mosquito how are they going to eat and replicate so that we can get them as food. All am trying to say is that there is nothing God created that is useless, they all have their specific functions.

Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

A certain strange animal is born only once in a thousand years and people wonder why it is born only once in a thousand years. Below is the picture of the animal born only once in a thousand years:It has only one eye but has no nose and people wonder how such an animal manages to breath but remember the fish breaths through its gills so it might have its own way.

Some people ask how such an animal is important to the ecosystem? What can you say about that?

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