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Names of "Big Men" Behind Galamsey that is Polluting our Water Bodies to be Published in newspapers?

Following an unsuccessful Operation Vanguard in 2017 to stop the activities of illegal miners (galamsey) in our water bodies, a second attempt has been made, this time Operation Halt, to permanently rid illegal miners of our forests water bodies.

As part of their modus operandi, all equipments of illegal miners including excavators, waters pumps and "chanfans" are destroyed and even burnt to deter them from coming back again to mine.

(an excavator being burnt after being seized by Operation Halt)

In some weeks after the launch of Operation Halt, some Ghanaians have been raising questions of how expensive excavators are burnt when they can be used for purposes such as road construction and reclaiming lands that have been destroyed by galamsey.

Another theory has also been raised by some Ghanaians, that since these excavators are very expensive and cannot be acquired by an ordinary person to do illegal reconnaissance and exploration of gold, they are probably financed by some "big men", who have the money and can venture into such a business, and are the real culprits and not the hands mining the gold.

As a result, some Ghanaians are calling for the names or identity of such "big men" to be released, to serve as a deterence to others.

But in any case, should the names of Big Men Behind Galamsey and Polluting our Water Bodies be published in a newspaper or on social media or any news outlet?

Would it serve the purpose of naming and shaming as a punitive measure?

What ever the case may be, only time could tell, and until enough evidence is found against a "big man" or some "big men", to be involved in galamsey, the concept will remain a falacy and a mere conspiracy.

What do you also think about this?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Sray tuned for more.

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