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10 Most Polluted Countries in Africa: Is Your Country In?

Pollution can be defined as the introduction or presence of harmful substances or contaminants into the natural environment that causes adverse effects. It may be harmful to humans, animals and plants.

Every continent has realized that pollution is a major concern and Africa is of no exception.

The cleanest countries in the world, as determined by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), have high air quality, clean water, and strong environmentally-friendly policies and initiatives. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is an index calculated for major air pollutants regulated by the Clean Air Act and ranked worldwide.

 In view of this let's look at the most Polluted Countries in Africa which was compiled from the main list according to world population review.

1. Mali: Mali is considered as the most Polluted country in Africa. it is located in West Africa with Bamako as it's capital. They placed 13th on the list of most Polluted countries in the world.

2. Ghana: The West African country are ranked as the 24th Polluted country in the world and the second most polluted country in the African continent. Accra is their capital.

3 Uganda: With Kampala as their capital and located in East Africa, They are the 3rd on the list and stays as the 26th most polluted country in the world.

4. Ivory Coast: They are fourth on this list. Abidjan is their capital and are located in West Africa. They are ranked 32nd on a global scale.

5. Algeria: They are located in the Northern part of Africa and the only North African country to be in the top 10. Worldwide they are placed as 38th and 5th on the list of Africa. Algiers is their capital city.

6. Madagascar: Antananarivo is the capital and are also located in East Africa. They are the 6th most polluted country in Africa and are ranked 39th globally.

7. South Africa : They are 7th on this list and are ranked 49th globally. Capetown is their capital.

8. Ethiopia: Located in the East of Africa and with Addis Ababa as their capital, they are 8th on the list of most polluted Countries in Africa and 64th globally.

9. Kenya: Kenya is the 9th most polluted country in Africa and also placed 67th on the global front. Nairobi is the capital band are also located in East Africa.

10. Angola: They are the last on the list here placing 10th on the African continent and 69th list globally. Their capital city is Luanda and are also in East Africa.

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