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The only animal dangerous enough to be able to kill all other animals.

A lot of things are in this world that needs answers to. When we talk about wild life, we say the lion is the king of the jungle. And well many people disagree, why because neither is the lion stronger than all the animals, or the fastest, the smallest and a whole lot. I think lions are the most fearsome creatures in the wild, and that may probably be why they are considered as the king of the jungle.

But do you know lions are not the most dangerous animals, neither the tiger, the ant, hyena. None of these animals are dangerous enough to kill all other animals. So for this topic today, we will find out about the dangerous animal who can kill all animals.

This shouldn't be something you should be surprised of, the dangerous animal is Humans. Yes there you have it, humans are more dangerous than any animal on this earth. Why don't you look at it this way, we humans are able to tame animals, and even the animals in the zoos. Who do you think got them there? Humans right. Also when you read the creation story, it says that God gave man control over all the things he has created. This mere fact shows that humans have been given power over all things in this world, thats what makes us the dangerous animal alive.

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