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Did You Know?? The best place to see rainbows is in Hawaii.

Hawaii has officially been proven the best place to see rainbows.In order for rainbow to form, water and light are needed and in Hawaii those components are in abundance.The abundance of sunlight and water in the island combined with its geographical area make rainbow a common occurrence in the island.

Hawaii's location in the subtropical pacific makes it susceptible to north east trade winds.The wind brings infrequent showers with clear skies between the rainfall,which create optimal rainbow watching conditions

Hawaii is known as the 'Rainbow State' so you are guaranteed to see stunning rainbows across the chain of planes.

Out of all Hawaii's islands,Kauai stands out as the place with the most rainbows.Kauai is known for the multitude of rainbows present because she has more rains than the other islands.Kauai is a particularly rainy island and is home to Mount Waialeale,one of the wettest spots on earth because of that rainbows can be formed frequently.

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Hawaii Kauai


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