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Is This An Organic Mushroom? - Reactions As A Ghanaian Farmer Was Captured With This Huge Mushroom

The biggest mushroom in the world can be found in Orgon State, Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States. For that one, it has the name Armillaria ostoyae but is commonly known as honey mushroom. Reports indicate that it is bigger than animals in the forest.

The huge mushroom in your picture below is not up to the size of the Armillaria ostoyae but is considered by many Ghanaians as the biggest mushroom size you can ever found on our land. A Facebook user known as Appiah-Kubi Ankomankrah posted this image and asked whether this mushroom is edible.

Some Ghanaians said that this huge mushroom is called chief's mushroom (Ohene mire). This is because the mushroom looks like an umbrella for the chief of the town. According to them, in the olden days, anyone who gets it has to share it with the chief of the village or town because it's a special mushroom and it's not common to come by.

Others were also surprised to see it saying that this is the first time they are coming across such a huge mushroom in Ghana. This mushroom is edible and can use for any kind of dish like the small ones. Check out the reactions from some Ghanaians after coming across this picture:

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Appiah-Kubi Ankomankrah Armillaria ostoyae Ghanaians Orgon State Pacific Northwest


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