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If You See A Wall Gecko In Your Home, You Need To Know This; It Can Be Dangerous.

The wall gecko (home lizard), locally known as “house owner” is one of the creatures that finds itself in most homes. Most people tend to ignore the ubiquitous wall gecko, and usually say that these creatures are harmless and their presence have no effect on humans. Some people are of the view that they only stake locations waiting for an unfortunate insect or cockroach that would come their way, and then they make a meal of it.

In case you are in the category of people who have these views about wall geckos, then you need to rethink after reading this piece of article about what happened to a family that got wiped out because of these little creatures.

As investigations later revealed, a mother of a family had prepared a pot of soup and probably left the lid of the pot slightly open, to allow the steam from the soup to evaporate so that the soup cool down before being covered. While she was away, a wall gecko fell into the soup and died.

Unaware of the incident that had happened, the woman and her children later ate the soup in the evening. Unfortunately, the entire family that consumed the soup all died from poisoning the next day. Nobody could immediately fathom that they ate something toxic. In the course of investigation, the dead gecko was seen in the soup pot. Apparently the poison from the animal had leached into the soup. Ordinarily, the skin of the gecko contains chemical compounds which is foreign to the human body and they also carry pathogens which causes diseases.

That is why you must create a plan on how to kill all forms of gecko in your home. Do everything possible to get rid of this dangerous animal from your home. To eradicate it totally in your home, just mix salt and garlic and put it in different corners of your room. You will never see them again.

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