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A Man Raised Two Beautiful White Lions, He Took Them For a Walk, Then The Unexpected Happened

Imagine growing an animal with love, care and affection, and then after it grows up it comes and kills you. People need to understand that these things that we see in movies of animals having a good, healthy, and fruitful relationship with their owners are not really reality but just fiction.

A well-known conservationist in South Africa by the name of West Mathewson has been found dead after being killed by his two white lions while taking them for a walk.

What really happened was that the lions suddenly became aggressive towards each other and both turned their attention to West Mathewson.

His wife following him in a car revealed that she had tried to distract the lions as they tried to treat West's body, but it was too late as there was nothing else to be done to save her husband.

We encourage all of you, including those who have dogs such as pitbulls or bulldogs, to keep them away from your loved ones as there will be a time when they will get out of hand and become dangerous for you even first.

One thing you should know is that even domesticated animals can be very dangerous, even if you breed them at a younger age. An animal will always be an animal and it will never adapt mankind from nature.

Do you think it's okay to keep lion a pet? Let's hear your thoughts

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