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Video: Netizens React As Viral Video Of Galamseyers Surfaces Online

There are several anti-galamsey campaigns to reduce or minimize galamsey in this country. All these campaigns seems to fall on death ears as some citizens seems not to show concern or care on this topic. This has lead to the pollution of major water bodies which serves as a source of drinking water, and also provides a source of livelihood for some communities through fishing.

Galamsey has really caused a lot of harm a lot of harm to to the society and the nation as a whole.

Recently on social media, there is a video of a group of galamseyers who were caught on camera going about their normal duties in a pit. This video has really raised concern from social media users who came across the viral video.

Some social media users are of the view that, these people should be traced and arrested to face the law for the damage the are causing to river bodies.


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